Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Unfamiliar Territory

Its something about meeting somebody new, somebody out of the norm
You start feeling like yu still have a chance. Like love has taken new form
Find yourself daydreaming about your life minus the bullshit and wid this new addition
Smiling when yu used to cry, love replacing the hate, stability instead of constant friction
But what if the things yu despise have just taken new shape, got a different alias
Yu have been through the cycle so many times, how truly new is this?
Take a chance though - acting blind is so much better than being aware
Maybe this is what yu have been looking for - the beginning of the rest of your life, off a simple stare
Listening to the rainfall I hear the droplets whisper to me
Telling me to go for it, what's the worst that could happen, so many possibilities
So I stand at this edge, what I'm lookin down at I really don't know at all
Just don't be another reason I fall


  1. Heyy Justin*

    That was beautiful!You really have a talent. I honestly think you should try to get your poetry published.
    oh and I still wanna read ur book big head.

    (( sb u cant hide forever. sometimes you just have to give that person a chance and hope that they won't hurt u ))


  2. Thanks for taking the first step, which is building the courage to write and question your thoughts. Everyone has a purpose in life and maybe meeting more will open more doors..

    PS..You are a published work of art you just haven't shared it to the world yet

  3. i know this feeling. & then theres that process; whether we win or lose...prevail or fail. But in the end we ask ourselves...was it all worth it?