Thursday, June 17, 2010

ode to the notebook

So the pen is mightier than the sword my Lord
Hov said , those lines hit me hard, sung the sweetest chord
Describing my love affair with a composition books, well actually books
I could write for hours despite my peers dirty looks
What good is that ? Who writes for fun anymore they would giggle and say
I'd just jot another poem or story, these personal works of art would free me one day
Of the invisible but destructive barricades and far-fetched hopes of a child confused
I cried in my notebook with tears of blue and black ink, I don't know who said band-aids heal the bruised
I'm writing so I'm living, that's why its permanent on my right arm
Same arm that reads strength holds my ink-filled sword, protects me from all harm
Every so often I open up one of the journals and let its words teleport me to the past
The passages hold so many stories, life-changing moments, emotions together like a makeshift cast
But instead of everyone signing it with corny jokes and a get well soon
I'm the only author, writing myself messages to get well soon
Some nights I gave up though, threw entries in the garbage - screaming fcuk em
Just to wake up rummaging through the trash, screaming I need em
I've come to realize this isn't a hobby or antidrug
Its how I connect with others, how I heal, no point in sweeping life under a rug
I let the pen take control, writing whatever is on or comes to mind
The day they bury, it aint gon be money that they find
A composition book - probably a damn collection
And the reader will be able to tell you all about me - the good, bad, and the ugly
For these books hold my life's reflection

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

she's here .

beautiful beyond measure, gentle, real - but these qualities are only in fantasies
aint seen all three of those things in a person, only in my stories
thought to myself, women like that don't exist, that's why they call this fiction
but i had to write of real love and happily ever after, like some sort of addiction
hoping that one day i would find my novel's leading lady, be it sooner than later
a happy ending is always great in literature - but in real life? got to be greater
i always describe her the same, beautiful features, a mind mature beyond its years
i would write her into my life, her purpose to dry the most silent of tears
now im realizing that maybe she isn't just a fictional character, she could be real
i pinch myself, hoping your presence isn't a mirage, give me another feel
kiss me once more, hug me tighter, rub your body against mine until we're both numb
i used to hide behind those pages of finding such a woman, now to them i shall succumb
for my perfect woman has lifted from off of those lined sheets and presented herself to me
the next story i tell, i dont need a pen or a pad - it shall be the story of us, her and me: reality.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wale - "Diary"

spoken word - the sweetest thing i've ever heard. lets talk about the main character / Wale's crush; she isn't the stereotype, but she is definitely a beautiful woman. the emotions these two share with one another are told by the song's lyrics - really listen to this joint without watchin the video. the last verse, make it your favorite.

See all I ever want to do is be relevant,
Just tell me that I ever meant,
Anything or that you could ever see me and you in another light,

But it's like the dark winter-endures the darkest nights,
By the wrong men,
Mostly all of them,
Have made you somewhat incapable,
Of a first impression,
What I do is channel my aggression,
With no cable,
Or antenna just intentions
To impress you,
If capable,
Hoping that the material possessions can materialize a better you,
Cars-nothing I drive
Can drive better this frame of mind
With such an ugly picture in the end,
Money-Nothing I buy
Can buy me more time
For your ears to say to your heart to listen

Diamonds-A girls best friend,
Is what they say,
But believe me with the right allegiance shorty you gonna shine anyways,
And every day that goes by is a couple more lines in her diary,
The day before is better than the present,
So anyone presented in her presence,
Endures her life-sentences-

No key for release no reason to be around,
Her mind's in the clouds,
She writes it all down,
In her diary...