Wednesday, August 4, 2010

random .

based off of lies and lust
relationship quickly turned to dust
find myself constantly attempting to grab the broom again
maybe i missed a spot, is it possible for all of our love to fit in a shitty dustpan?

wale - the ambitious girl

self-explanatory . i think i've listened to it about 500 times today.

Monday, August 2, 2010

insomniatic dreams

what does one suffering from insomnia dream of
do they even bother saying goodnight or i love you
they are in what's see worst dream of them all, the ones you cant pinch to escape
lay awake til the wee hours, watching the sunshine through the darkest of drapes
one's dreams have been equated with those deepest goals and fantasies
were stripped of that definition, to still lie awake - are they ever pleased?
not knowing what dreams are made of, the places you can go
when asked what one wants to be:
[ shrugs ] hell if i know
toss and turn every night, haven't had a good night's rest
i dont mind just sitting up, nights without tears are the best
thoughts racing kilometers per second, while others dream in a land far away
fcuk a night terror, im being chased by be demons all day
sun welcomes them with warm arms, our encounters become cold at the moon
look at the clock, it will all be over soon
alarm sounds, wakes me from not a slumber, more a catnap
only to find myself in another emotional mishap
pinching my arms, hoping this just a dream with a dream
mom always said things aren't what they seem
could be my imagination, im lacking that creative side
shoulda have been drooling the sheets, instead they are a place i cried
alarm sounds, why do the best dreams seem to be the shortest ones
gotta try to start off where i left off, cant wait til when nightfall comes
only to find myself suffering from insomnia once more
i'm stuck in a nightmare when im awake, what i need to dream for ?