Thursday, May 27, 2010

the paper to my pen

I find myself in a daze, probably from that dour to various colors of haze
Lock myself in my brain, armed with a pen grenade - the magnitude makes it last for days
I want my words to stay with you, you memorize them like the words to your favorite love song
Every time I write another line, I feel certain walls falling down, others slowly protecting the vulnerable one
Because I hide behind these words, once I let you read them I'm exposed, worse UV rays from the sun
This piece I wrote special for you, wear something nice for the occasion
Or just lay in your skin, after writing your body is my next best obsession
Recognizing that this may just be lust, another crush - I may not ever really know the essence of you
Hoping that you won't be taken aback by my honesty, words are one's bond so mine can't be anything but true
So I write another line, tolerating the victim I could become, but calls myself the hero in this story
I'm transferring the nervousness and negativity into a masterpiece, one day they gonna ask if you knew him back then
You will just smile, hold on to those words I once wrote secretly for you, when I knew just what to say, way back when

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