Monday, July 5, 2010


i think the only times i was on time were when things were going awry
i ws on time for every argumen, every fight - always knew how to make you cry
but i was always too late whe it came to the right things to do
didn't kiss you at the right moments to dry your eyes, even went to sleep without an "i love you"
let you suffer as a result of my seemingly intentional tardiness
me being so late has led to both of our's loneliness
because once i finally started to loveyou, ready for us - we were nowhere in sight
i had already forfeited and thrown in the towel, a boxer refusing to fight
now im out here on time for every bitch in the party
dressed to impress; why when it came to us did i have to be so tardy
should have set my alarm for the time to be better man for our sake
instead i pressed snooze, how many apologies could i really expect you to take?
now im sitting in this room, heart beating louder than that alarm
i set a new one, ready for the time that i cause you no harm
ill be on time for this one, even ironed my attire
sirens blasting, ill be there before you can even sense a fire
to patch every wound i made, take back every wrong i did, words i screamed
even if its not in real life anymore, i wanna again be the man of your dreams