Monday, May 24, 2010

soundtrack to my life

I'm super paranoid, like a sixth sense; since my pop died, I haven't been right since. - Kid Cudi

Pick my brain, try to understand why tone and personality are the way they are for a reason.
Stick around for longer than an arousal, be with me for more than just the summer, I always found that to be the prettiest and shortest season.
Look into my eyes when you address me, but don't stare for so long that I am forced to look away before you do.
Get to know what makes up my very being, let me put rest to the allegations and tell you what is true.
Like the saying goes, you win some, you lose some.
Obviously I'm the outkast, I rarely win, maybe I truly am dumb.
Academically achieving success, emotionally I pile up broken hearts - each with a different name.
I label them with their own poem before throwing them into the closet, careful to make room for the next loser in my love game.
One time I made the mistake of playing myself,
Found myself a labeled pawn upon her shelf.
I sit there now, like those have sat in my past,
Anxious to be remembered, dusted off, held again, make that old feeling last.
Tell myself that I'm just overlooked - I finally realize she isn't even looking at me
She's caught in an attraction with a more stable soul, one that doesn't use and abuse
Back to that old saying, I realize that what I once won I must now lose.

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