Tuesday, June 15, 2010

she's here .

beautiful beyond measure, gentle, real - but these qualities are only in fantasies
aint seen all three of those things in a person, only in my stories
thought to myself, women like that don't exist, that's why they call this fiction
but i had to write of real love and happily ever after, like some sort of addiction
hoping that one day i would find my novel's leading lady, be it sooner than later
a happy ending is always great in literature - but in real life? got to be greater
i always describe her the same, beautiful features, a mind mature beyond its years
i would write her into my life, her purpose to dry the most silent of tears
now im realizing that maybe she isn't just a fictional character, she could be real
i pinch myself, hoping your presence isn't a mirage, give me another feel
kiss me once more, hug me tighter, rub your body against mine until we're both numb
i used to hide behind those pages of finding such a woman, now to them i shall succumb
for my perfect woman has lifted from off of those lined sheets and presented herself to me
the next story i tell, i dont need a pen or a pad - it shall be the story of us, her and me: reality.

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